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A collection of webpages describing SILAC (Stable Isotope Labeling with Amino acids in Cell culture), a general method for mass spectrometric-based quantitative proteomics that incorporates the quantitative label through metabolic incorporation.  This web resource serves to supplement publications from CEBI that utilize SILAC and to provide additional information for those wishing to use this approach for their own projects.

Stable isotope labeling (SIL) has been used extensively for quantitative applications in the small molecule field in the pharmaceutical industry for many years.

SILAC builds upon work previously described where stable isotope enriched media was used for the cultivation of bacteria or yeast (Lahm HW and Langen H Electrophoresis 2000, Oda Y and Chait BT PNAS 1999).  Several independent groups have described the use of stable isotope amino acid labeling for increase confidence in peptide identification in database searching.  Another acronym coined by Xian Chen and colleagues from Los Alamos for this stable isotope labeling method is AACM for 'Amino Acid Coded Mass Tagging'.  We first describe SILAC for mammalian cell culture and apply it to a study of protein expression changes during muscle differentiation in 2002. 


The pages are composed of:


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