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Software and databases
MAPU proteome database of organelles, body fluids and red blood cells
MAPU proteome database of organelles, body fluids and red blood cells
NOPdb nucleolar proteome database
MSIPI - a MS friendly version of IPI

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HUPO 2006  ProteinCenter : A new bioinformatics tool for proteomics data processing
Ole Vorm, Morten Bern, Søren Schandorff, Hans Jespersen, Alexandre Podtelejnikov

HUPO 2006  Global Phosphoproteome Database: Phosphorylation Sites Prediction vs. Experimental Data
Alexandre Podtelejnikov, Morten Bern, Hans Jespersen, Søren Schandorff, Ole Vorm

IMSC 2006  ProteinCenter: A Generic Concept of Comparative Proteomics Data Processing
Ole Vorm, Alexandre Podtelejnikov, Søren Schandorff

IMSC 2006  Statistical and Bioinformatics Analysis of Phosphoproteome Studies
Alexandre Podtelejnikov, Ole Vorm, Søren Schandorff

ISMB 2006
A Global Protein Database Makes Analysis
and Comparison of Data Sets Easy

M. Bern, B. Ramsgaard, S. Schandorff, H. Jespersen, O. Vorm, A.V. Podtelejnikov


Morten Bern, Alexandre Podtelejnikov, Søren Schandorff, Ole Vorm, Derek Potter.

ASMS 2006
Bioinformatics comparison analysis of body fluid proteomes
Søren Schandorff1, Jun Adachi2, Bartosz Pilch2, Gustavo De Souza2, Matthias Mann2, Alexandre Podtelejnikov1

ASMS 2006
Selection of protein database for DB searches as a crucial factor in large scale proteomics comparison studies
Michael Andersen, Søren Schandorff, Hans Jespersen, Ole Vorm, Alexandre Podtelejnikov

ASMS 2006
ProteinCenter: A new bioinformatics application for processing of large-scale proteomics data sets
Ole Vorm, Hans Jespersen, Morten Bern, Søren Schandorff, Alexandre Podtelejnikov, Peter Venø, Martin Damsbo, Soren Larsen, Brian Ramsgaard, Erik Nielsen, Jacob Kristensen, Kenneth Budin

ASMS 2006
From the comparison of phosphoproteomes to a global phosphoproteome database
Søren Schandorff, Ole Vorm, Hans Jespersen, Alexandre Podtelejnikov

ProteinCenter; a generic tool for proteomic bioinformatics analysis with comparisons across many different protein databases
Søren Schandorff & Alexandre Podtelejnikov

ASMS 2002  LC MS/MS of complex peptide mixtures using the pulsing feature of the hybrid QSTAR-Pulsar quadrupole time-of-flight mmass spectrometer to increase protein identification
ASMS 2002  An in vivo labeling strategy with D3-leucine for quantitative proteomics applied to the study of muscle cell differentiation
ASMS 2002  Single- and Multi-STAGE (STop and Go Extraction) off-line multifunctional systems for MALDI, nanoES, and LC/MS sample pretreatment
ASMS 2002 Multifunctional Precolumn Systems for NanoLC/MS in Proteomics
ASMS 2001 Detection of arginine dimethylated peptides by precursor ion scanning quadrupole TOF mass spectrometry in positive ion mode
ASMS 2000 Nanoelectrospray and real-time database searches
IMSC 2000 Similarity between condensed phase and gas phase chemistry: Fragmentation of peptides containing oxidized cysteine residues and its implications for proteomics
ASMS 1999 Keratin extended abstract
ASMS 1999  Keratin & Trypsin table
ASMS 1999 Identifying proteins in genome databases
ASMS 1999 Increasing the throughput of Nanoelectrospray Analysis

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